Bonitas - With you in the long run

Major sponsor of the Comrades Marathon, Bonitas Medical Fund will once again host the Bonitas Comrades roadshows, women’s seminars, novice seminars and webinars in the build-up to the 94th Comrades Marathon.

First-time Comrades runners will find finishing the annual road-running challenge much more achievable, thanks to the Bonitas Novice Seminars which are designed and tailored to best suit the novice athlete. The novice seminars will help athletes run a good race, featuring training tips, race day insights as well as post-race care.

Female athletes will also benefit from the women-specific Bonitas Comrades Women’s Seminars where relevant training information and advice from the Comrades Coach, Lindsey Parry will be shared. Female sporting professionals as well as a medical doctor and dietician will also be in attendance. Up for discussion are such pertinent issues like injury prevention; treatment of injuries; training; running shoes; tapering and race day strategies.

The Bonitas Comrades Webinars will focus on all things Comrades, including training, injury prevention, medical advice, runners’ nutrition and race day preparation. CMA Chairperson, Cheryl Winn said, “Teaming up with Bonitas Medical Fund has meant that our athletes are empowered with the correct information to achieve their Comrades goals. We thank Bonitas for their contribution to The Ultimate Human Race and for putting our runners first.”